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El rey de los gorilas
Movie: El rey de los gorilas(1977)[0224009] A small boy abandoned in the jungle and raised by a benevolent group of apes slowly begins to realize that he isn't quite like the rest of his primate family in this touching meditation on the bond shared between man and beast.
Title El rey de los gorilas
Release Date 14 July 1977 (Mexico)
Genres Adventure
Production Companies Corporación Nacional Cinematográfica (CONACINE), Avant Films S.A.
Hugo Stiglitz
Hugo Stiglitz...
Carlos East
Carlos East...
Edith González
Edith González...


ccmiller1492 on 28 September 2007
Well-mounted jungle tale is basically the "Tarzan" story, but that name is never mentioned, thus avoiding lawsuits. What makes this one unusual is the fact that the first half of the film shows the titular character as an infant adopted by the apes (not gorillas) and as a boy growing up as a member of the ape tribe and meeting his first human, a cannibal boy out on a solo lion hunt to avenge the death of his father. As he grows up he becomes a local legend, the White Ape. And when Europeans get wind of it, an expedition is mounted to find this "missing link." This is not the "Tarzan" you are used to...Hugo Stiglitz plays him in a very convincing manner as a feral human, complete with beard and mustache, long ratty hair and utterly no social skills other than those of his ape tribe. An interesting version of the story and in some ways truer to the character than that depicted in "Greystoke, the Legend of Tarzan." Give this one a look, and maybe turn off the very poor English subtitles on the otherwise nice Mexican DVD issue. It's one of the better film adaptations and certainly the best made outside the U.S.

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