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Le nouveau protocole
Movie: Le nouveau protocole(2008)[0926763] A man investigating his son's death learns some horrific truths about the pharmaceutical industry.
Title Le nouveau protocole
Release Date 19 March 2008 (France)
Genres Action, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Production Companies Mandarin Films
Clovis Cornillac
Clovis Cornillac...
Raoul Kraft...
Marie-Josée Croze
Marie-Josée Croze...


dwpollar on 16 February 2012
1st watched 2/12/2012 – 7 out of 10(Dir-Thomas Vincent): Controversial thriller about the drug industry using humans as guinea pigs to test new drugs before they hit the market. Specifically this movie is about it's effect on a man, and his son – who died from a car crash – while testing a drug. The movie starts showing clinical tests being done in Africa on young kids and then moves to the star – who receives a phone call about the demise of his son. He then gets a call from a woman, who we find out later is checking up on his son – fearing that he may run into issues with the drug company. They then meet up at a conference where the woman is escorted out after making a public scene against the company. The couple then start to work together to determine what happened to the young man who died. At first, there isn't a lot of trust between them, but upon seeing the danger the woman is in – he starts believing her. This movie is paced well, and takes a direct stab at an industry many people talk about, but we see very little in the movies about the issue. It is a unique movie in this sense and is also a good thriller that keeps you thinking up until the very end of the film. The only downfall is that it is very biased and it's obvious very quickly. All in all – if you can get around reading subtitles – this French film is a unique and enjoyable movie. And if you know French turn them off and enjoy!!

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