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Afutâ sukûru
Movie: Afutâ sukûru(2008)[1233459] A middle school teacher, Jinno, is friends with a young couple that is about to have a baby. But on the eve of the birth, the father, Kimura, disappears. Then, a hired private detective appears and ask Jinno's help to find Kimura.
Title Afutâ sukûru
Release Date 24 May 2008 (Japan)
Genres Comedy, Mystery
Production Companies Amuse, Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, Imagica
Yô Ôizumi
Yô Ôizumi...
Ryotaro Jinno...
Kuranosuke Sasaki
Kuranosuke Sasaki...
Masayuki Kitazawa...
Masatô Ibu
Masatô Ibu...


ebiros2 on 18 August 2012
When you see the cast of this film, it kind of telegraphs to you that it's a B movie.Jinno (Yo Ooizumi) is a school teacher, but he ends up doing a detective job like he did with "Tantei wa BAR ni iru". Kimura (Masato Sakai) plays the part of his high school class mate that disappeared, and Jinno has to search. Why Kimura disappeared is the center of focus in this movie.It's not a bad film, but not so good either.This might be the swan song for the Gen X age group actors to play the lead role. Their slow burn style acting doesn't go well with a comical story.The story wasn't so bad, so it's worth a watch.

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