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The Executives' Wives
Movie: The Executives' Wives()[1382617]
Title The Executives' Wives
Release Date
Genres Drama
Production Companies William Van Fleet Productions
Marland Proctor
Marland Proctor...
Jerry (as Mark G...


lor_ on 23 November 2010
So many films, and especially porn films, are just poor through and through, but from a psychological point-of-view, it's even worse when a movie starts off well and then self-destructs. Such is the case with THE EXECUTIVES' WIVES, a justly forgotten softcore stinker.The storyline is quite familiar (and has been used in other porn efforts), as an unscrupulous personnel v.p. (it would be called Dept. of Human Relations nowadays) gets the wives of his co-workers to put out for him before he will consider the hubbies for any promotions. As a metaphor for the corruption, selling out and general decadence of our wonderfully "competitive" culture, it's pure corn, dating back to THE MAN IN THE GREY FLANNEL SUIT. (Okay, that's a stretch!).John Keith is suitably repulsive as the slimy stud with a constant S.E.G. on his kisser. Since this was made during the last gasp of softcore he never has to REALLY get it up, but casting him was a bit much. The very talkative screenplay has the co-workers, notably Ron Kinney, constantly grumbling about their situation, and the script is loaded with way too many double entendres.But for several reels this is compulsive viewing. A topnotch female cast including the beautiful Barbara Caron, top-heavy Capri and ultra-busty one-shot Brigitte Deisshauer (a clear imitation of Uschi Digard) keeps the pot boiling. Unfortunately, the movie goes nowhere. Making matters worse, the Something Weird DVD-R using a high-quality print just ends right in the middle of a sentence recited by Capri. There's no resolution to the story or to anything.Running 58 minutes I suspect this movie was significantly longer, but on the other hand it might be an unreleased film, caught up in the transition to XXX. Either way it is pure frustration.In the leading female role, with no sex scenes, is Lisa Grant, a very unlucky British actress indeed. Though her credits are mainly porn she had several opportunities in mainstream movies and TV shows, to no avail. Her acting is fine, but she seems to have been showcased in all-time junkers: this one, Zugsmith's TWO ROSES AND A GOLDEN ROD and the pathetic turkey THE MASTER-PIECE.

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