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The Occultist
Movie: The Occultist(2009)[1508349] When a group of med students go to take their final exams, they find themselves subjects of a twisted and bloody Satanic ritual led by their professor. It's up to two of them to save all.
Title The Occultist
Release Date 30 October 2009 (USA)
Genres Horror
Production Companies Sterling Entertainment
Domiziano Arcangeli
Domiziano Arcangeli...
Doctor Szandor...
Fadhia Carmelle Marcelin
Fadhia Carmelle Marcelin...
Jonny Taylor
Jonny Taylor...


joshuathirteen on 20 January 2015
Within minutes of starting the film we are introduced to all the central actors. I'd like to say central characters, but that would be an exaggeration. The acting is so wooden in some cases, so stilted in others, so beneath the level of a decent High School play, that these are not characters but at best caricatures. Sometimes the delivery is funny, seeming to be a parody of the kind of character you often see in similar, but better films. But most of the time it just grates on you, and makes you regret starting the film. The rest of the film is so bad, from the massive plot holes resulting in the impossibility of suspension of disbelief, to the pointless scenes of blood and gore interspersed through the introductory portion, that if the acting had been a little funnier it might have actually been the saving grace of the film, moving it in to the so bad it's good category. However some of these actors show some potential, and so are just not bad enough for that. Nothing saves this film. Don't waste your time.

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