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Movie: Charlie Casanova(2012)[1740091] Poster boy for the ruling class, Charlie Barnum has it all, the perfect wife, the property portfolio and the loyalty of his best friend. The fact that Charlie requires Viagra to have sex with his wife, is losing his properties, and has seduced his best friend's wife, means nothing to Charlie, because Charlie is living on dangerously borrowed time. An innocent working class girl is killed in a hit and run, and, as the blood pours from her injuries, Charlie, the man who knocked her down, consults his deck of playing cards and chooses to abdicate responsibility for all future deeds. Lies become truths, reality becomes fantasy, and, as Charlie embroils the three comfortable couples in the ugly excesses and sanctimonious prejudices of his new found power, they discover some deeply disturbing truths about each other. Employing dangerously subversive, provocatively dark, and satirically disturbing humor, Charlie Casanova re-imagines Billy Liar and Walter Mitty as a sickeningly compelling ... Written byTerry McMahon
Title Charlie Casanova
Release Date 11 May 2012 (UK)
Genres Crime, Drama, Thriller
Production Companies Source Productions
Emmett J Scanlan
Emmett J Scanlan...
Charlie Casanova ...
Damien Hannaway
Damien Hannaway...
Valeria Bandino
Valeria Bandino...


pmckenna-2 on 23 August 2012
I like to keep an open mind when going to the cinema. I generally avoid all reviews and press relating to movies on show, depending on word of mouth and personal recommendation instead. I arrived at the cinema expecting nothing, and it dutifully delivered. It was easily the worst film I've ever had the misfortune of seeing. The only positive I could draw from this movie is that it is mercifully short, although seemingly endless when you have to sit through it. Most people didn't bother (there were probably 20 people at the beginning of my showing and around 12 by the end). The dialogue was unintentionally hilarious at times, but mostly cringe-worthy. The acting is of an impossibly low standard. The story line is confused and forgettable. Even the movie itself looks extremely amateur. I'd imagine they were intentionally going for a dark and gritty look, but the technical expertise obviously wasn't there to pull it off.Avoid this film at all costs. N.B.: Aside from the disingenuous 10 star reviews of the film on this very site, the IMDb score is also massively misleading. It has the same ratio of 10* reviews as The Shawshank Redemption, IMDb's number one film of all time. If only real votes were counted, I'd say it would be in the 2 star range.

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