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Movie: The Gremlin(2007 (USA))[1794998] A group of sexy teens embark on one last outing together before going their separate ways. Little do they know that dwelling in the lush forest they have chosen to set up camp is a beast so foul and heinous that to speak his name is to utter fear itself. Now to escape they will have to beat him at his own game. Can they survive? Or will The Gremlin live to spook again? Written byLuke Frost
Title The Gremlin
Release Date 2007 (USA)
Genres Comedy, Horror
Justin Russell
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vacantskies00 on 25 September 2017
Justin Russell has made a name for himself, single handedly crafting respectable indie horror offerings. Death Stop Holocaust and The Sleeper riff on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Black Christmas respectively with even less money to work with.The Gremlin is his first foray into the feature world. Gathering his family and friends, he made a micro- budget horror comedy pre-dating Tucker and Dale Vs Evil. The comedy on display here, while not for everyone, is hilarious. Obvious nods to horror tropes and comedy slap stick hilarity compensates for the off the wall plot. A man wearing many hats, Russell is the starring villain, after writing, directing, and shooting the film. The cast, each friends and family, do a decent job of carrying the story, actually breaking the fourth wall, admitting their own loss for words with the gremlins goings on. Based on his future works, The Gremlin really is an exercise of a director finding his voice. We all start somewhere and this is Justin Russell's proof of that. Humor, horror, and heart permeate his projects. While not perfect, The Gremlins heart is in the right place.

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