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El limpiador
Movie: El limpiador(2013)[2387455] A forensic cleaner, responsible for the removal of human corpses, has never been able to relate with people or life. Suddenly he will become accountable for an 8-year-old orphan who has been left behind in the middle of a mysterious epidemic crisis in Lima. In a place where you would least expect it, a story surfaces about love and care. Written byAnonymous
Title El limpiador
Release Date 21 March 2013 (Peru)
Genres Drama, Sci-Fi


cherryspielberg on 17 August 2013
There were some funny moments in the movie, but if they would cut out all the parts that are actually uninteresting or sometimes even boring, the movie would last only five minutes. I don't understand why this movie would receive prizes... Other than that the maker of this movie is so young and it is his first movie, which is great, but it isn't that great a movie. Maybe it is all meant as an encouragement, but the movie is flawed in many ways. Most of all, we have seen it all before. It is as if the maker of this movie watched a couple of movies and threw them all together. I hope his next movie will be more mature and interesting. And above all I'd like a movie that's more original. The pretense is sky high, with all the great themes of love and betrayal mixed with disasters and a touch of (cheap) Freud. With Woody Allen I'd like to say "I laughed and I cried", but I didn't. Next time I just don't want to see a movie that doesn't remind me of all the movies I saw before anymore. A spark of newness and creativity. I'm counting on it.

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