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Movie: Doro no kawa(1981)[tt0082280] Two boys, whose parents ply their trade by the mouth of a muddy river in Osaka, become close friends. The two families' "businesses" are in fact dining and prostitution. When Nobou, the restauranteur's son, loses his pocket money during the Tenjin Festival, Kiichi, the prostitute's boy, invites him home, and he learns the truth. Written byL.H. Wong <>
Title Doro no kawa
Release Date 30 January 1981 (Japan)
Genres Drama
Production Companies Kimura Productions
Takahiro Tamura
Takahiro Tamura...
Shinpei Itakura...
Mariko Kaga
Mariko Kaga...
Shoko Matsumoto, Kiichi a...
Taiji Tonoyama
Taiji Tonoyama...
Man on festival boat...


shi612 on 10 July 2005
While there are many movies a child is the lead, this one is outstanding. You can empathize the children recalling your own childhood. The children here are not necessarily cute. But from this movie, you can see real sensitivity of children who feel social contradiction in their bones.It is set to Osaka 10 years after the end of the WW2. Japan had been tremendously broken down in the war, but had miraculous recovery after it, thanks to the Korean War. Osaka is a metropolitan which has resumed prosperity and growth.The noodle restaurant owner in this movie looks poor, but at least they can manage daily life. They and their customers had survived the war, and had worked very hard to resume the life. This couple's attitude to other people around is always warm. They accept the children from the "kuruwa-bune" (prostitution boat) without prejudice. They pay a visit to the husband's former wife at the deathbed and show their son. Everybody had such inherent, pure heart, and those who are left from the rapid economic growth kept it.

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