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Taifû kurabu
Movie: Taifû kurabu(1985)[tt0088222] The movie takes place in the five-day period before, during and after a ferocious, seemingly liberating typhoon, which several students endure while marooned in their school gymnasium.
Title Taifû kurabu
Release Date 31 August 1985 (Japan)
Genres Drama, Romance
Production Companies Directors Company
Yûki Kudô
Yûki Kudô...
Rie Takami (as K...
Tomokazu Miura
Tomokazu Miura...
Teacher Umemiya...
Saburô Date
Saburô Date...


Aoi_kdr on 27 August 2019
I felt like I had passed like these students in the not-so-distance past. But, looking back, it was pretty long time ago. I realized 'the children's range' clearly in the scene when they danced crazily in the gym. The adults cannot touch it.'Shall we go to McDonald together next time?' I laughed this with childishness, but, after that, I was so awful of the next development! It was like 'The Shining' from Kubrick.Additionaly, I was also scared the white masked pair who played the ocarinas. I feel it was meanfull, but I have no ideas! I liked it because it reminded me 'Spirited Away.' In even real world, sometims I lose the feeling sof reality suddenly and get scared of me. For instance, when I was alone on my way home, the unknown way and the silent time etc.

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