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Blue Angel Cafe
Movie: Blue Angel Cafe(1989)[tt0096958] Raymond Derek is a up and coming hotshot young politician who seems to have it all. A great career, a wife, friends and a expensive home. But that all changes when he encounters sexy cabaret singer Angie. The two begin a steamy affair until the press find out and it becomes front page news. As his life falls to pieces, Raymond and Angie try to build a life together, but some things just weren't meant to last. Written byElliott Monroe
Title Blue Angel Cafe
Release Date 7 September 1989 (West Germany)
Genres Drama
Production Companies Filmirage
Tara Buckman
Tara Buckman...


gridoon on 20 December 2005
Joe D'Amato was one of the most prolific of all the exploitation directors. He made nearly 200 films, which included the "Black Emmanuelle" series, cannibal gorefests, the "Ator" flicks, everything you can imagine. The marketing "geniuses" are taking advantage of his cult reputation now, releasing any D'Amato film they can get a hold of, and promoting it as a "lost cult classic". Well, I'm writing this comment to warn you: for "Blue Angel Cafe" only the word "lost" applies. This movie cannot be taken seriously as either a domestic drama (it's not believable) OR as a soft-core flick (the sex scenes are comically short, under even a minute long). The male lead has no screen presence and is an embarrassment to the word "actor" (and the guy who plays his friend, the one with the glasses, is even worse!). If it weren't for Tara Buckman's nicely toned body and decent acting, I'd give this movie an even lower rating than....*1/2 out of 4.

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