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Movie: Cobra(1993)[tt0105973] When the traditional judicial system fails, there is an alternative: a special government agency that focuses on the victims.
Title Cobra
Release Date 16 September 1993 (USA)
Genres Action, Adventure
Production Companies Stephen J. Cannell Productions
Michael Dudikoff
Michael Dudikoff...
 Robert "Scandal" Ja...
Allison Hossack
Allison Hossack...
 Danielle LaPointe ...
James Tolkan
James Tolkan...
 Dallas Cassel ...


MichaelM24 on 2 July 2001
Having been a Dudikoff fan since AMERICAN NINJA came out when I was a kid, I was naturally very excited when I learned he would be starring in his very own television series. I watched COBRA from the first episode to the last, and was never bored. Though there were certainly moments of action (gun fights, fist fights, and an occasional chase), it was kept to a minimum, and so was the violence, while still giving Dudikoff a chance to kick bad guy butt. I found the characters to be rather appealing, and the chemistry between the three leads was good. I was glad to see COBRA last for at least a full season, but I certainly think it could have hung around for awhile longer. How the heck does syndicated crap like BAYWATCH last for eleven years, but the cool syndicated shows like COBRA get canned after just one season?

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