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Movie: Shinya shokudô(2009)[tt1882928] Set in a small restaurant in the corner of a shopping district. The unusual eatery is only open after midnight, and its standard menu consists of just a few choices. However, the customers still come for the amusing chatter and the proprietor's willingness to cook any dish that they request. Based on the manga series "Shinya Shokudo" by Yaro Abe Written byahloy-419-149174
Title Shinya shokudô
Release Date 9 October 2009 (Japan)
Genres Drama
Production Companies Amuse, At Movie, Dentsu Casting & Entertainment
Kaoru Kobayashi
Kaoru Kobayashi...
 Master ...


ebiros2 on 22 December 2011
Based on a comic by Yarou Abe, Shinya Shokudo is a story about a small hole in the wall late night restaurant (literally Shinya Shokudo in Japanese) that operates between midnight and 7:00 a.m. in the morning. The restaurant is run by only one person, the master (Kaoru Kobayashi) of the joint. There are only four items on the menu Tonjiru (pork based stew), beer, sake, and shochu (potato liquor), but customers can order anything the master can make in his kitchen. The restaurant is located in the Hanazono area of Shinjuku, and has only the generic description of "Meshiya" (food place in Japanese) on its lantern.So far 20 episodes has been on air between 2009 (the first series) and 2011 (the second series). They were all broadcast in the late night slot between midnight and 2:00 in the morning. For a late night program that are considered a "hit" if they average 1% viewers, this program consistently got over 2% ratings that attests to its popularity.The episodes consists of life stories of customers who frequent the restaurant, but starting in the second series, each episodes consists of new customer who have their own life stories going. Because of the hours the restaurant operates, and the nature of its size, customers who frequents the place have their life in specialized areas of society that includes gangs, construction workers, lady godiva, and also part timer, fast food joint owner, salaried workers, but most of them has special background that makes the story unique and interesting.Each episodes has particular dish that master makes that relates to the story. The list of foods on each of the episodes are as follows:Season 1:1. Baked Sausage and tamago yaki.2. Bonito shavings and rice3. Rice with tea4. Potato salad.5. Butter rice6. Katsu Donburi7. Egg sandwich8. Yaki soba9. Broiled Aji10. RamenSeason 2:1. Baked Sausage2. Chicken Karaage3. Steamed clam4. Nikogori (gelatin left from cooking fish)5. Canned foods6. Cream Stew7. Pickeled Bock Choi8. Cold ramen9. Potato cooked with beef10. Gyoza (Pot Stickers)The series is superb in that it tells the story of the underbellies of the society with emotion, sentiment and love unlike any other stories told. Food designer Nami Iijima designed the foods that appear in this series, and all of these items are common items consumed by Japanese families, but not usually served in ordinary Japanese restaurants.If you can find a copy of this drama, it will be an interesting watch guaranteed.

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