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Movie: Eungyo(2012)[tt2390253] Lee Jeok-yo is a 70ish year old man who is a respected poet. He cares fondly for his 30ish year old disciple Seo Ji-woo. The world of these two men are shaken when 17-year-old high school student Han Eun-gyo comes into the picture, as their mind and sexual desires are awakened. Written byStanislav S, Sochi, Russia
Title Eungyo
Release Date 25 April 2012 (South Korea)
Genres Drama, Romance
Production Companies JUNG JI WOO FILM
Hae-il Park
Hae-il Park...
Lee Juk-Yo...
Mu-Yeol Kim
Mu-Yeol Kim...
Seo Ji-woo...
Kim Go-eun
Kim Go-eun...
Han Eun-gyo...


nastiapoof on 1 September 2017
" Roethke referred to getting old as wearing the leaden weight of what I did not do. Just as your youth is not a prize for your efforts, my agedness is not a penalty for my faults."This film explores poetry in a way people understand poetry, some feel it , the way they see things becomes poetry. Age is not a punishment for something one did , they shouldn't carry the weight of inadequacy when feeling same things they did when they were young. Human connection shouldn't have expiration date . I like how this film shows human nature what one doesn't understand one wants to destroy and it saddens me , jealousy is nothing but destruction.Youth that lacks experience and modesty that is acquired with age.I like how this film by carefully selected visuals portrays feelings that you couldn't put into words , it has beautiful aesthetics. The whole film is masterpiece. Honesly i feel like any words i could try to select pale in comparison to this film i feel like you need to see it to know what i meant :}

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