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Movie: Déjà Vu(2013)[tt2577862] Mihai, who is going through midlife crisis. After a 15 years marriage, he tries to regain control over his own life and starts an affair. Though Mihai is the main character of the film, he is never seen onscreen, but his personality is shown through his mistress, mother and wife, as well as through gestures and attitude. Written byAnonymousB
Title Déjà Vu
Release Date 15 November 2013 (Romania)
Genres Drama
Production Companies Watch Me Productions, Diud Film, DaKINO Production
Ioana Flora
Ioana Flora...
Mirela Oprisor
Mirela Oprisor...
Dan Chisu
Dan Chisu...


ragnarok-737-539143 on 7 March 2018
This is just another of those movies where basically nothing happens. It's pretty much a monologue of Ioana Flora, an ok-ish actress, but here it simply doesn't work. So the guy has mixed feelings and the girl is very emotionally unstable... SO WHAT?! This ain't enough for a movie, this ain't enough not even for a play. Maybe would be enough as a premise for a story. You know, a story is something where things HAPPEN! They just keep talking and talking and talking about their feelings or stuff that somehow justifies those feelings... then some flash-backs used to give depth to those feelings bla bla bla. All the movie I was like "ok now is the phase of character development... soon something will happen". Nope, nothing happens, except in the last 10 minutes or so and by then is already too late. The ending is typical for a romanian movie, it ends abruptly with no conclusion, leaving you staring at the screen and cursing the heavens for the time you just wasted (at least it's not that long, maybe the only good part about it).

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