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Movie: Gashi(2014)[tt3550748] Former physical athlete and father-to-be Joon-Ki works as a PE teacher at an all-girls high school, where many of the students find him to be an attractive man. Young-Eun is a particular outgoing and brash young girl whom is very straight forward and is creative in finding ways to interact with Joon-Ki, whom is the center of her crush. During one fateful rainy day, Joon-Ki is alone in the classroom with Young-Eun and things go too far. Joon-Ki tries very hard to correct the errors of his ways and wants to put it behind him, but the smitten Young-Eun's obsession with him seems to know no limit. And soon Joon-Ki finds himself with a shattered marriage. Written byPaul Magne Haakonsen
Title Gashi
Release Date 10 April 2014 (South Korea)
Genres Drama, Thriller
Production Companies Nouvs Mediacorp, Invent Stone, Sansu Ventures
Hyuk Jang
Hyuk Jang...


chrislesmckis on 12 November 2018
The tone of this movie is really good. I found the beginning to be subtly perverse which i think is perfect for the context of the film. Throughout the film you're not sure what is real or not. There are a few sex scenes throughout the film that seem graphic only because of how intimate they are. I have never really seen anything like it tbh. It made me uncomfortable because it felt a little to personal. the ending is kind of chintzy and predictable, but the beginning is definitely worth watching.

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