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What Is Love?
Movie: What Is Love?(2019)[tt9163346] Twenty-eight-year-old office lady Teruko is head over heels with Mamoru. The sting of love is so strong that she has all but ignored her friends, home and work. Her family and friends are indifferent when she loses her job. Yet, Mamoru may not be reciprocating the feelings, but Teruko's passion is unfazed. Written byaghaemi
Title What Is Love?
Release Date 9 April 2019 (Japan)
Genres Drama, Romance
Ryô Narita
Ryô Narita...
Mamoru Tanaka...
Mariko Tsutsui
Mariko Tsutsui...
Yocko-Chan's Mother...
Ryûya Wakaba
Ryûya Wakaba...


pennyelenabooks on 17 January 2020
" What is love " or " Just only love " was okay, hence the five out of ten rating.My main problem was with the ending of the story. It was not satisfying enough, as the main character didn't really change, she just continued being who she was at the begining of the movie. That is not to say that I wanted them to end up together, as it was obvious that he wasn't good for her and she was better off without him. The presentation of how her life went to ruin as she focused all her energy on him, was not well either. There were some scenes that you can really get that she was too eager to follow him and take care of him, while he was just taking advantage of that. But, other than that, we didn't get to see how she lost her job or how she was enstranged from her friends, as there was only one arguement with her friend, and that was not even about her being cold towards her.The performances were good though, especially from the leading lady. The camera work was nice too.So, five out of ten.

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