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The Tall, the Short, the Cat

The Tall, the Short, the Cat
Two dim-witted servants to an elderly, wealthy woman learn that they are to inherent the late woman's money, on the condition that they have to care for her rambuncous pet cat, which is not an easy thing to do so.


***Roman Serpico, sort of*** Released in 1976, “The Cop in Blue Jeans” is a loner-cop thriller in the mold of “Dirty Harry” (1971) and “Serpico” (1973). The titular protagonist even looks like Serpico. The difference is that this is an Italian production directed & co-written by Bruno Corbucci. The plot revolves around an undercover cop named Nico Giraldi (Tomas Milian) who arrests several thugs of the purse snatching variety and zeroes-in on the mastermind of the ring (Jack Palance). The Italian title is “Squadra Antiscippo,” which means “Swindle Squad” and I assume refers to the theft ring. Anyway, the movie’s an interesting way to observe the more obscure parts of Rome in the mid-70s. The story’s relatively compelling and there’s a lot of undercover cop type of action (naturally). Maria Rosaria Omaggio is easy on the eyes, but not enough is done with her. Nico’s pet mouse, named Serpico, is a nice addition. While this is a decent Euro flick and worth catching for the highlights noted, don’t expect the greatness of any of the Dirty Harry installments. The film runs 1 hour, 31 minutes and was shot in Rome. GRADE: B-/C+

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