"The Last Round-up" Full Movie

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Title : The Last Round-up

Genre : Western

Cast : Randolph Scott (Jim Cleve), Barbara Fritchie (Joan Randall (as Barbara Adams)), Monte Blue (Jack Kells), Fred Kohler (Sam Gulden), Fuzzy Knight (Charles Bunko McGee), Richard Carle (Judge Savin), Barton MacLane (Charley Benson), Charles Middleton (Sheriff)

Movie Plot : Randolph Scott plays Jim Cleve, one of several volunteers keeping the US-Mexican border safe on behalf of American settlers. Ostensibly the hero, Cleve is actually out-heroed by the film's nominal villain, outlaw leader Jack Kells (Monte Blue). It is Kells who brings about the story's happy ending, sacrificing his own life to ensure the blissful future of young lovers Cleve and Joan Randall (Barbara Fritchie).

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