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Title : Vanessa: Her Love Story

Genre : Drama

Cast : Robert Montgomery (Benjamin Herries), Helen Hayes (Vanessa Paris), May Robson (Madame Judith Paris), Otto Kruger (Ellis Herries), Lewis Stone (Adam Paris), Henry Stephenson (Barney Newmark), Violet Kemble Cooper (Lady Herries), Donald Crisp (George, the Inn Owner), Agnes Anderson (Marion - the Barmaid), Lionel Belmore (Will Leathwaite), George K. Arthur (Porter), Jessie Ralph (Lady Mullion), Lawrence Grant (Amery Herries), Crauford Kent (Timothy), Howard Leeds (Jamie), Mary Gordon (Mrs. Leathwaite), Ethel Griffies (Winifred Trent), Elspeth Dudgeon (Vera Trent), Robert Adair (Benjamin's Assailant at Fair), Billy Bevan (Horse Auctioneer), Barlowe Borland (Man Calling Benjie a Liar), Fay Chaldecott (Little Girl at the Parade), Mabel Colcord (Meinie - Judith's Maid), Alec Craig (Worker for George), Mickey Daniels (Harries Servant), Harold Entwistle (Undetermined Secondary Role), Neil Fitzgerald (Army Doctor), Dorothy Granger (Herries Servant), Keith Hitchcock (Major Kitchener), Halliwell Hobbes (Father of Little Girl), Olaf Hytten (Herries Family Member), Tempe Pigott (Cake Seller at the Fair), Aileen Pringle (Herries Servant), C. Montague Shaw (Dr. Lancaster), Charles Unger (Undetermined Secondary Role), Eric Wilton (Herries Family Member), J. M. Kerrigan (Perkins (uncredited))

Movie Plot : The Victorian wife (Helen Hayes) of a mad baron waits years for a British soldier (Robert Montgomery) sent to Egypt.

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