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Title : Los hijos de la noche

Genre :

Cast : Estrellita Castro (Inglesita), Miguel Ligero (Currichi), Julio Peña (Piruli), Alberto Romea (Don Francisco)

Movie Plot : A marginal group celebrates Christmas Eve singing and dancing in the street. In parallel, a millionaire celebrates the feast offering a great dinner to his friends. The millionaire receives a telegram from his sister in America who announces her visit after more than twenty years without seeing each other. The protagonist, who always made her sister believe through letters that he is carrying an orderly life with his children, needs two people to simulate these papers. Advised by his steward, the bandits "the Inglesita" and "Piruli" pretend to be his children, and "Currinchi" poses as professor of both. The millionaire's sister is delighted with her nephews and even if finally the whole mess is revealed, she is fond of them and decides to take them to America to start together a new and honest life.

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