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Title : She's a Soldier Too

Genre : Drama

Cast : Beulah Bondi (Agatha Kittredge), Nina Foch (Tessie Legruda), Jess Barker (Dr. Bill White), Percy Kilbride (Jonathan Kittredge), Lloyd Bridges (Charles Jones), Ida Moore (Julia Kittredge), Mickey Wagner (Mickey), Jeanne Bates ('Red' Burns (uncredited)), Gladys Blake (Miss Dooley (uncredited)), Nancy Brinckman (Tizzy (uncredited)), Jeff Donnell (Mary Fleming (uncredited)), Kaye Dowd (Kay (uncredited)), Edward Earle (Mr. Spengler (uncredited)), Harrison Greene (Mr. Long (uncredited)), Bette Herron (Bette (uncredited)), Marilyn Johnson ('Butch' Sprague (uncredited)), Erik Rolf (Lucklow (uncredited)), John Tyrrell (Policeman (uncredited)), Ruth Warren (Maggie (uncredited)), Larry Williams (Mr. Callum (uncredited)), Shelley Winters ('Silver' Rankin (uncredited))

Movie Plot : Wartime workers deal with homefront dramatics.

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