"Muriel, or the Time of Return" Full Movie

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Title : Muriel, or the Time of Return

Genre : Drama

Cast : Delphine Seyrig (Hélène Aughain), Jean-Pierre Kérien (Alphonse Noyard), Jean-Baptiste Thiérrée (Bernard Aughain), Nita Klein (Françoise), Claude Sainval (Roland de Smoke), Laurence Badie (Claudie), Martine Vatel (Marie-Dominique, aka Marie-Do), Philippe Laudenbach (Robert), Jean Champion (Ernest), Jean Dasté (L'homme à la chèvre / The Goat Man), Julien Verdier (Le loueur de chevaux / The Stableman)

Movie Plot : A chamber drama about a widow and her son who live in an antique shop in Boulogne. The widow invites a man whom she loved twenty-two years earlier to visit. Her son is haunted by Muriel, a young woman whose death he may have caused while serving as a soldier in Algeria. As in Resnais' earlier films, memory is deflected, fragmented, enshrined, and imagined.

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