"The Mystery of Sintra" Full Movie

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Title : The Mystery of Sintra

Genre : Mystery

Cast : Ivo Canelas (Eça de Queirós), António Pedro Cerdeira (Ramalho Ortigão), Bruna Di Tullio (Countess Luísa Valadas), Rogério Samora (Count Jorge Valadas), José Pedro Vasconcelos (Vasco), Giselle Itié (Carmen Puebla), Flávio Galvão (Nicázio Puebla), James Weber Brown (Rytmel), Nicolau Breyner (Eduardo Coelho), Carla Chambel (Countess (voice)), Vítor Correia (Batalha Reis), Pedro Efe (Cocheiro), Sérgio Godinho (Dr. Sidónio), João Lagarto (Conde Abranhos), António Melo (Manuel de Arriaga), Jorge Paixão da Costa (Priest)

Movie Plot : Summer of 1870. Two writers, Eça de Queiroz and Ramalho Ortigão, decide to write a four-handed whodunit for the daily "Diário de Notícias". Could it be that the story they wrote as fiction is based on a real case? This question fuels the conflict between the two writers and drives them to a nearly fatal duel. Lisbon is in commotion. One crime follows another in a story in which love is stronger than tradition. Everything happens at frenzied pace, as in a game.

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