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Title : The Ugly Duckling

Genre : Animation, Family

Cast : Armen Dzhigarkhanyan (), Konstantin Raykin (Chervyak (voice)), Yuliya Rutberg (Mama-kuritsa (voice)), Svetlana Stepchenko (Gadkiy utyonok (voice))

Movie Plot : Adapted from the Andersen tale and played out in musical comedy mode, The Ugly Duckling is set in a farmyard where roosters, hens, ducks and geese live and lay eggs together. One fine day, a rooster discovers a giant egg behind the farmyard kingdom fence, and discreetly slips it into the clutch laid by his partner... Very soon, a cygnet emerges, but as he in no way resembles any of them he is immediately stigmatized by the whole farmyard, enduring humiliations and suspicion on the part of his feathered companions. But in the end he becomes a magnificent white swan.

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