"Doctor Syn" Full Movie

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Title : Doctor Syn

Genre : Drama, Adventure

Cast : George Arliss (Dr Syn), Margaret Lockwood (Imogene Clegg), John Loder (Denis Cobtree), Roy Emerton (Capt. Howard Collyer, R.N.), Graham Moffatt (Jerry Jerk), Frederick Burtwell (Rash the Schoolmaster), George Merritt (Mipps the Coffin Maker), Athole Stewart (Squire Anthony Cobtree), Wilson Coleman (Dr. Pepper, MD), Wally Patch (Collyer's Bo'sun), Meinhart Maur (Mulatto), Muriel George (Mrs. Waggetts, Pub Owner)

Movie Plot : A highly respected clergyman is actually a former pirate who exacts vigilante justice in this British production.

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