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Title : East of Eden

Genre : Drama, Romance

Cast : James Dean (Caleb Trask), Julie Harris (Abra Bacon), Raymond Massey (Adam Trask), Richard Davalos (Aron Trask), Jo Van Fleet (Kate Trask), Burl Ives (Sam the Sheriff), Albert Dekker (Will Hamilton), Lois Smith (Anne), Harold Gordon (Gustav Albrecht), Nick Dennis (Rantani), Timothy Carey (Joe), Abdullah Abbas (Townsman at Carnival (uncredited)), Frank Baker (Townsman (uncredited)), Scott Seaton (Townsman (uncredited)), Barbara Baxley (Nurse (uncredited)), John Beradino (Coalman at Lettuce Field (uncredited)), Joe Brooks (Townsman at Carnival (uncredited)), Jack Carr (Charlie - Townsman at Carnival (uncredited)), Wheaton Chambers (Townsman at Carnival (uncredited)), Roger Creed (Townsman at Carnival (uncredited)), Joe Dougherty (Townsman at Carnival (uncredited)), Franklyn Farnum (Townsman at Carnival (uncredited)), Al Ferguson (Townsman at Carnival (uncredited)), Robert Gardett (Townsman at Carnival (uncredited)), Chief Leonard George (Townsman at Carnival (uncredited)), John George (Townsman at Carnival (uncredited)), Effie Laird (Townswoman at Carnival (uncredited)), Billy Mahan (Townsman at Carnival (uncredited)), Rose Plumer (Rose - Townswoman at Carnival (uncredited)), Lillian West (Townswoman at Carnival (uncredited)), Chalky Williams (Townsman at Carnival (uncredited)), Lonny Chapman (Roy Turner - Automobile Mechanic (uncredited)), Edward Clark (Draft Board Member (uncredited)), Harry Cording (Bouncer (uncredited)), Lester Dorr (City Official at Parade (uncredited)), Cliff Fields (Student (uncredited)), Gail Kobe (Student (uncredited)), Frank Mazzola (Student (uncredited)), Ken Miller (Student (uncredited)), Patricia Prest (Student (uncredited)), Mickey Roth (Student (uncredited)), Robert Foulk (Man at Boxcar (uncredited)), Richard Garrick (Dr. Edwards (uncredited)), John Halloran (City Official at Parade (uncredited)), Charles Anthony Hughes (City Official at Parade (uncredited)), Hal Taggart (City Official at Parade (uncredited)), Jonathan Haze (Piscora's Son (uncredited)), Ramsay Hill (English Officer (uncredited)), Earle Hodgins (Shooting Gallery Concessionaire (uncredited)), Lou Marcelle (Trailer Narrator (voice) (uncredited)), Edward McNally (Soldier (uncredited)), Gil Perkins (Lettuce Truck Worker (uncredited)), William 'Bill' Phillips (Coalman at Lettuce Fields / Man at Exercise Class (uncredited)), Julian Rivero (Prisoner (uncredited)), Henry Rowland (Helper at Boxcar (uncredited)), Charles Sherlock (Milk Bottle Concessionaire at Carnival (uncredited)), Mario Siletti (Mr. Piscora (uncredited)), Sailor Vincent (Townsman in Parade / Townsman at Carnival (uncredited)), Max Wagner (Workman (uncredited)), Sam Harris (Official at Parade (uncredited)), Ralph Moratz (Soldier in Train (uncredited)), Sid Troy (Townsman at Carnival (uncredited)), Tex Holden (Townsman (uncredited))

Movie Plot : In the Salinas Valley, in and around World War I, Cal Trask feels he must compete against overwhelming odds with his brother Aron for the love of their father Adam. Cal is frustrated at every turn, from his reaction to the war, to how to get ahead in business and in life, to how to relate to estranged mother.

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