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Title : Amphibian Man

Genre : Adventure, Science Fiction, Romance

Cast : Vladimir Korenev (Ichtyandr Salvator), Anastasiya Vertinskaya (Gutiere Baltazar), Mikhail Kozakov (Pedro Zurita), Anatoliy Smiranin (Old Baltazar), Nikolai Simonov (Prof. Salvator), Vladlen Davydov (Olsen), Yuri Medvedev (Street vendor of fish), Aleksandr Zakharov (полицейский)

Movie Plot : People living at the seashore town are frightened by reports about the unknown creature called "the sea devil." Nobody knows what it is, but it's really a son of a doctor Salvator. The doctor performed a surgery on his son and now young Ihtiandre can live under water. This gives him certain advantages, but creates a lot of problems.

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