"Gauche the Cellist" Full Movie

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Title : Gauche the Cellist

Genre : Animation, Music

Cast : Hideki Sasaki (Gauche (voice)), Masashi Amenomori (Conductor (voice)), Fuyumi Shiraishi (Cat (voice)), Kaneta Kimotsuki (Bird (voice)), Kazue Takahashi (Tanuki (voice)), Akiko Takamura (Mother Mouse (voice)), Keiko Yokozawa (Child Mouse (voice)), Ryuuji Saikachi (Concertmaster (voice))

Movie Plot : Gauche is a diligent but mediocre cellist who plays for a small town orchestra and the local cinema in the early 20th century. He struggles during rehearsals and is often berated by his conductor during preparations for an upcoming performance of Beethoven's Sixth Symphony (the Pastoral Symphony).Over the course of four nights, Gauche is visited at his mill house home by talking animals as he is practicing.

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