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Title : Fortune Express

Genre :

Cast : Cris Campion (Pascal), Thierry Frémont (Gadouille), Hervé Laudière (Marko), Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi (Corinne), Christian Bouillette (Bobo), Luc Bernard (Chiffre N°1), Hervé Langlois (Chiffre N°5), Jean O'Cottrell (Le directeur de la banque), Isabelle Petit-Jacques (L'employée de la banque), Thierry Ravel (Bichon), Arno Chevrier (Chiffre N°4), Richard Bean (L'optimiste)

Movie Plot : Following a climbing accident in the mountains, Pascal loses the use of his legs and is confined to a wheelchair. The film follows his gradual acceptance of this during his stay in a rehabilitation centre and, with the support of fellow residents, the return of his will to live.

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