"Le fils préféré" Full Movie

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Title : Le fils préféré

Genre : Drama

Cast : Bernard Giraudeau (François), Gérard Lanvin (Jean-Paul), Jean-Marc Barr (Philippe), Roberto Herlitzka (Raphaël, le père), Margherita Buy (Anna Maria), Pierre Mondy (le dentiste usurier), Karin Viard (Martine), Antoinette Moya (Odette), Philippe Duclos (Vogel), Jean-Pierre Becker (Patrick)

Movie Plot : Jean-Paul Mantegna, the son of Italian immigrants now living in Nice, is a hunted man, riddled with debt and involved in borderline illegal companies. To extricate himself, he has to rely on Philippe and François, his two brothers, and on Raphaël, his father; a family torn by disputes and tragic events. However, by rebuilding family unity, Jean-Paul also discovers the secret of his own destiny...

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