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Title : Maria

Genre : Drama

Cast : Diana Dumbrava (Maria), Horatiu Malaele (Milco), Serban Ionescu (Ion), Luminița Gheorghiu (Maia), Rona Hartner (Nuti), Florin Călinescu (Supervisor), Florin Zamfirescu (Ahmed), Ana Ularu (Ioana)

Movie Plot : When a child steals candles from the cemetery, in order to provide some light means for his family sheltered into a damp basement of a block of flats, this circumstance can say a lot about the sufferance imposed by transition period of time in Romania. This child is one of the seven that Maria has got. She is a 33 years old ordinary woman, whose husband (Ion) is unemployed and has become a drunkard and violently acting, maybe because of his despairing and lack of prospective.

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