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Title : Lonesome Jim

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance

Cast : Casey Affleck (Jim), Kevin Corrigan (Tim), Liv Tyler (Anika), Mary Kay Place (Sally), Seymour Cassel (Don), Rachel Strouse (Rachel), Sarah Strouse (Sarah), Rick Duplissie (Bar Patron), Mark Boone Junior (Evil), Jake La Botz (Phillip - Welder), Don Strouse (Neighbor), Doug Liechty Caskey (Doug the preacher), Pam Angell (Stacy), Jack Rovello (Ben)

Movie Plot : After failing to find success as a writer in New York City, Jim slinks back to his family's home in the Midwest to lick his wounds. But his visit is quickly complicated when his angst spreads to his brother, Tim, who promptly decides to drive his car straight into a tree. Under the shadow of his sibling's injurious actions, Jim strikes up an unlikely friendship with Anika, whose centered small-town wisdom gradually rubs off on him.

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