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Title : Malos hábitos

Genre : Drama

Cast : Ximena Ayala (Matilde), Elena de Haro (Elena), Marco Antonio Treviño (Gustavo), Aurora Cano (Teresa), Elisa Vicedo (Linda), Emilio Echevarría (Ramón - padre de Matilde), Patricia Reyes Spíndola (Madre Superiora), Milagros Vidal (Gordibuena), Héctor Téllez (Sacerdote)

Movie Plot : The first feature film from director Simon Bross, the drama Bad Habits shows how a person's approach to food greatly affects one's life. Jimena Ayala plays a nun named Matilde who believes that eating next to nothing will help God stop the suffering of others. She trains pudgy, young Linda (Elisa Vicedo) for her first communion. Linda's mother is an emaciated exercise addict who frets over her daughter's shape. Linda's father, Gustavo, is a libertine who enjoys food as well as a healthy sex life with a mistress. Gustavo, an architect, must figure out why the pipes of a local school are leaking under the strain of a seemingly ceaseless rainstorm.

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