"The Longest Night In Shanghai" Full Movie

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Title : The Longest Night In Shanghai

Genre : Drama, Romance

Cast : Zhao Wei (Lin Xi), Masahiro Motoki (Naoki Mizushima), Li Feng (), Dylan Kuo (Dong Dong), Sam Lee (Xiao Shen), Naomi Nishida (Miho Takahashi), Niu Ben (), Shinobu Otsuka (Rie Hara), Naoto Takenaka (Taro Yamaoka), Takashi Tsukamoto (Ryuichi Kwaguchi), Soko Wada (Atsushi Kayama), Kitty Zhang Yuqi (Makeup assistant)

Movie Plot : A successful Japanese make-up artist collides with a tough-talking Shanghai taxi driver in this romantic dramedy that twists traditional roles by making the beauty expert a male and the cab driver a feisty female. Although he works in a glamorous industry, Naoki Mizushima (Masahiro Motoki) can't help but notice that his life is anything but beautiful. Can the uncouth Lin Xi (Wei Zhao) help him make over his life for the better?

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