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Title : Skies Above the Landscape

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Audrey Hamm (Debora), Aleksandar Seksan (Mehmed), Haris Burina (Francis / Dževad), Nada Đurevska (Majka), Anita Kajasa (Jela), Rastko Janković (Filip), Jasna Diklić (Anđa), Božidar Bunjevac (Aziz), Fadil Karup (Gorštak), Narcis Babić (Gorštakov sin), Vedrana Seksan (Šerifa), Emina Muftić (Koka), Milan Pavlović (Ćata), Muhamed Aljović (Muzafer), Denis Hadžijusufović (Harmonikaš)

Movie Plot : At the top of the rugged Bosnian mountain, young shepherd Mehmed patiently watches over his cows and lovingly carves the figure of a woman in a piece of wood. Almost on cue, a novice paraglider unexpectedly falls from the sky. Deborah speaks only French and he speaks only Bosnian, but they tentatively communicate, and she accepts the hospitality offered by Mehmed's mom: a bed and a meal of "mountain-style" tripe. Love soon bridges the cultural divide, and the story develops into a series of hilarious escapades showcasing the beautiful landscape and local sounds

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