"Apa Kata Hati" Full Movie

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Title : Apa Kata Hati

Genre : Romance, Comedy

Cast : Raja Farah (Elly), Farid Kamil (Aidil Fitri), Awal Ashaari (Riezman), Dynas Mokhtar (Linda), Kartina Aziz (Alawiyah), Ogy Ahmad Daud (Rosmah), Awie (Sophi), Rosyam Nor (Host TV)

Movie Plot : Elly is a young fashion designer who works at Boutique Karya Anggun. She is a very cheerful person who is a positive thinker and believes that to every sadness, happiness will soon come along. That's her motto in love. On one fine day she is being given a gift dreamt by most women, the ability to hear what men thinks. She sees this as a curse when she hears more negative things rather than positive things. With her new found gift she also gets confused in choosing her soul mate. With all these mixed emotions

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