"The Torture of Silence" Full Movie

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Title : The Torture of Silence

Genre : Drama

Cast : Emmy Lynn (Manon Berliac), Firmin Gémier (Emile Berliac), Armand Tallier (François Rolland), Anthony Gildès (Jean), Paul Vermoyal (Jean Dormis), Gaston Modot (), Antonin Carène (), Antonin Artaud (), Francia Séguy ()

Movie Plot : Hardly one of French filmmaker Abel Gance's masterpieces, The Torture of Silence nevertheless has more dramatic and psychological value than your average romantic-triangle tale. Simply put, the film concerns a doctor, his wife, and his brother. The doctor, a specialist in pediatrics, has no time for his wife Marthe. She seeks solace in the arms of his brother. Unable to keep up the charade, Marthe attempts to shoot herself, but it is her lover who is mortally wounded.

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