"Defying Destiny" Full Movie

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Title : Defying Destiny

Genre :

Cast : Monte Blue (Jack Fenton), Irene Rich (Beth Alden), Tully Marshall (Dr. Gregory), Jackie Saunders (Mrs. Harris), Z. Wall Covington (Sam Harris), Russell Simpson (Mr. Wilkens), James Gordon (Mr. Alden), Frona Hale (Mrs. Alden), Laura Ames (Jack Fenton's Aunt), George Reehm (The Promoter)

Movie Plot : Set in the small town of Riverdale, Defying Destiny opens with Jack Fenton (Monte Blue) being scarred while saving the life of his sweetheart Beth Alden (Irene Rich), whose grateful father (James Gordon), president of the local bank, offers him a job. Middle-class Jack becomes head teller, joins the country club, and plans to marry Beth, but his upwardly mobile behavior stirs resentment. When he’s falsely accused of embezzlement the town’s upper crust turns its back. Jack endures self-exile until a chance encounter with a plastic surgeon enables him to return home incognito and seek vengeance.

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