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Title : The Man They Could Not Hang

Genre : Science Fiction

Cast : Boris Karloff (Dr. Henryk Savaard), Lorna Gray (Janet Savaard), Robert Wilcox (Scoop Foley), Roger Pryor (District Attorney Drake), Don Beddoe (Police Lt. Shane), Ann Doran (Betty Crawford), Charles Trowbridge (Judge Bowman), Joe De Stefani (Dr. Stoddard), Dick Curtis (Jury Foreman Clifford Kearney), James Craig (Juror Watkins), John Tyrrell (Juror Sutton), Byron Foulger (Dr. Lang), George Anderson (Prison Warden), Stanley Blystone (Prison Guard), Sam Ash (Druggist), Harlan Briggs (Defense Attorney Parker), Stanley Brown (Bob Roberts), Flo Campbell (Housewife), John Dilson (King - City Editor), Carl Faulkner (Bailiff), Chuck Hamilton (Juror), Frank Jaquet (Cigar-Smoking Fat Juror), Kenner G. Kemp (Reporter), William Lally (Bailiff), Perc Launders (Bailiff), Larry Lund (Court Clerk), Ian Maclaren (Priest), Charles McAvoy (Prison Official), Charles Miller (Dr. Avery - Juror), Bert Moorhouse (Reporter), Franklin Parker (Second Reporter), Tom Quinn (Reporter), Bob Reeves (Juror), Walter Sande (Reporter at Typewriter), Robert Sterling (First Reporter), Edward Thomas (Butler), Cyril Thornton (Senior Butler)

Movie Plot : Dr. Henryk Savaard is a scientist working on experiments to restore life to the dead. When he is unjustly hanged for murder, he is brought back to life by his trusted assistant. Re-animated he turns decidedly nasty and sets about murdering the jury that convicted him.

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