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Title : Tevye

Genre : Drama

Cast : Maurice Schwartz (Tevya 'Tevye'), Miriam Riselle (Chavah 'Khave'), Rebecca Weintraub (Goldie 'Golde'), Paula Lubelski (Zeitel 'Tseytl'), Leon Liebgold (Fedya 'Fedye' Galagen), Vicki Marcus (Shloimele), Betty Marcus (Perele), Julius Adler (Aleksei, the Priest), Daniel Makarenko (Mikita Galagen, Fedya's Father), Helen Grossman (Mrs. Galagen, Mikita's Wife), Morris Strassberg (Starosta), Al Harris (Zazuli 'Zuzuya'), Louis Weisberg (Shtarsina), Boas Young (Uradnick, the Officer)

Movie Plot : Tevye is a dairyman in the Russian Ukraine early in the 20th century. He lives in a cabin outside Boyberik with his wife Goldie, his widowed daughter Tseytl, her two children, and his younger daughter, the unmarried Khave. Khave is being courted by Fedya, a Christian, the son of a local government official. Tevye warns Khave against romance and marriage outside her faith, but Fedya is persuasive too. What will Khave decide, how will Tevye react, and when the Tsar initiates a pogrom, will Tevye's friends come to his defense? Can the stubborn Tevye reconcile his heart and tradition?

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