"The Petty Girl" Full Movie

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Title : The Petty Girl

Genre : Music, Comedy

Cast : Robert Cummings (George Petty, aka Andrew 'Andy' Tapp), Joan Caulfield (Prof. Victoria Braymore), Elsa Lanchester (Dr. Crutcher), Melville Cooper (Beardsley (Petty's butler, aka Uncle Ben)), Audrey Long (Mrs. Connie Manton Dezlow), Mary Wickes (Prof. Whitman), Frank Orth (Moody (process server)), John Ridgely (Patrolman), Dorothy Abbott (December Petty Girl (uncredited)), Gino Corrado (Brush and Easel Waiter (uncredited)), Pat Flaherty (Policeman #2 (uncredited)), James Griffith (Royal Roof Orchestra Leader (uncredited)), Tippi Hedren (Ice Box Petty Girl (uncredited)), Movita (Carmelita Moray (uncredited)), Ray Teal (Policeman #1 (uncredited)), Ian Wolfe (President Webb (uncredited))

Movie Plot : An artist famous for his calendar portraits of beautiful women becomes fascinated by a prim and proper professor and tries to get her to pose for his arwork. She declines his offer, but he's determined not to take no for an answer.

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