"Six Bridges to Cross" Full Movie

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Title : Six Bridges to Cross

Genre : Crime, Drama

Cast : Tony Curtis (Jerry Florea), George Nader (Edward Gallagher), Julie Adams (Ellen Gallagher), Jay C. Flippen (Vincent Concannon), Sal Mineo (Jerry as a boy), Jan Merlin (Andy Norris), Richard Castle (Skids Radzevich), William Murphy (Red Flanagan), Kendall Clark (Mr. Sanborn), Don Keefer (Mr. Sherman), Harry Bartell (Father Bonelli), Tito Vuolo (Angie)

Movie Plot : Follow the evolution of a small time juvenile delinquent hood to a big time racketeer. Based on the famous 1950 Brinks Robbery in Boston that netted the crooks $2.5 million. The story delves into the psychology of the perpetrators, as well as the intricate mechanics of the hold-up.

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