"Elena and Her Men" Full Movie

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Title : Elena and Her Men

Genre : Drama, Comedy, Romance

Cast : Ingrid Bergman (Elena Sokorowska), Jean Marais (Général François Rollan), Mel Ferrer (Le comte Henri de Chevincourt), Jean Richard (Hector), Juliette Gréco (Miarka, la gitane), Dora Doll (Rosa la Rose)

Movie Plot : Set amid the military maneuvers and Quatorze Juillet carnivals of turn-of-the-century France, Jean Renoir’s delirious romantic comedy Elena and her Men (Elena et les hommes) stars a radiant Ingrid Bergman as a beautiful, but impoverished, Polish princess who drives men of all stations to fits of desperate love. When Elena elicits the fascination of a famous general, she finds herself at the center of romantic machinations and political scheming, with the hearts of several men—as well as the future of France—in her hands.

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