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Title : 7 uomini e un cervello

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Ann-Margret (Leticia), Rossano Brazzi (Ross Simpson), Barbara Nichols (), Hélène Chanel (Georgette), Gina Maria Hildago (Ana Veronesi), Roger Smith (Un giocatore), Mimma Biscardi (), Osvaldo Pacheco (José), Rafael Carret (Antonio (as Raphael Garret)), Alberto Dalbés (Schwartz), Juan Carlos Lamas (), Javier Portales (), Alfonso Senatore (), Nathán Pinzón (), Lando Buzzanca (Esteban de Flori), Jacques Arndt (), Aldo Barbero (Vpice of Rossano Brazzi), Idelma Carlo (), Ricardo Castro Ríos (), Augusto Codecá (), Susana Giménez (), Zelmar Gueñol (), Carlos Lagrotta (), Daniel Mendoza (), Oscar Neguembor (Policeman (as Oscar Neguemnor)), Carlos Nowik (), Ángel Pavlovsky (), Mario Savino (), Ignacio de Soroa ()

Movie Plot : A renowned author, college professor and criminologist is given a year off from his teaching position in order to write his latest book. His arrival in Buenos Aires gives him the opportunity to work on his true project, planning and pulling off the perfect crime. Our would-be criminal mastermind pulls together a crew of unlikely crooks to help with the heist but his jealous assistant may spoil his carefully made plans.

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