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Title : Gentleman Killer

Genre : Western

Cast : Anthony Steffen (Jo Reeves aka Gentleman Jo), Eduardo Fajardo (Colonel Fernando Ferreras), Silvia Solar (Vicky - chica del saloon), Mariano Vidal Molina (Captain Clay Reeves), Benito Stefanelli (Larry), Ángel Lombarte (), Raúl Aparici (), Luis Barboo (Ferreres' gang member), Gaspar 'Indio' González (Jefferson), Antonio Iranzo (Pedro)

Movie Plot : In a disputed border town, the US Army waits for word from Washington as to the rightful country it belongs, while dealing with a rowdy pack of Mexican soldier/bandits. Into the mix rides seemingly mysterious stranger Anthony Steffan, who looks like a dandy but has a few deadly tricks up his sleeve.

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