"Working Class" Full Movie

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Title : Working Class

Genre : Romance, Comedy

Cast : Samuel Hui (Yam), Teddy Robin (Hing), Tsui Hark (Sunny), Joey Wong (Amy), Anglie Leung Wan-Yui (Jane), Joh Yin-Ling (Billie), Kwan Hoi-San (Uncle Ha), Nam Hung (Maria), Shum Wai (Factory Manager Wu), Ng Man-Tat (Factory Foreman Yue), Bau Hon-Lam (Amy's father), Lee Yin-Ping (Diva Ping), David Wu (Factory supervisor), Hui Siu-Hung (Kickboxer's trainer), James Lai Wing-Keung (Health Inspector Lai), Wellington Fung Wing (), O Sing-Pui (Buddy of Hing and Sunny)

Movie Plot : Yam, Sunny and Ah Hing are buddies and all dismissed creating havoc in their jobs. The trio is employed by a noodle factory, which has a very poor labor relationship. The manager, supervisor and foreman are always picking on their subordinates. Finally the workers decide to take an united front to oppose their superiors...

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