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Title : Solo for Clarinet

Genre : Drama

Cast : Götz George (Bernhard 'Bernie' Kominka), Corinna Harfouch (Anna Weller), Tim Bergmann (Freddie Bahlo), Barbara Auer (Lydia Kominka), Barbara Rudnik (Johanna Steinmann), Christian Redl (Thomas Hecht), Nikolaus Paryla (Frieder Haug), Katharina Thalbach (Louise Bethmann), Saskia Vester (Coco), Heinrich Schafmeister (Pathologe), Daniela Ziegler (Dörthe), Jochen Busse (Laichinger), Nicole Heesters (Frau Jentsch), Walter Kreye (Simon Weller), Ute Willing (Polizei-Ärztin)

Movie Plot : Berlin, Germany. A cruel murder took place in an appartment building. Somebody bit off quite a piece of the victim's penis, who then, of course, lost a lot of blood, before being struck down at the head. Leading investigator Bernhard Kominka, being in stress due to a mentally retarded son and a problematic wife, seems to be the only one to see a lady in a red coat. After a while, his theory of her being the murderer may prove to be true, but the Cop also kind of fell in love with this new, interesting person in both of his lives: professional and private as well. Borders dissolve. His decision may be disastrous in any way.

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