"Zamboanga" Full Movie

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Title : Zamboanga

Genre :

Cast : Fernando Poe (Danoa), Rosa Del Rosario (Minda Moro)

Movie Plot : In the shores of Sulu lives the sea-faring tribe that is ruled by Datu Tanbuong. His granddaughter, Minda (Rosa del Rosario) is betrothed to be married to Danao (Fernando Poe), who is a handsome young pearl fisher who presents a handful of impressive pearls to the datu. However, a visitor to Danao and Minda's wedding celebration is Hadji Razul, a chief of another tribe who has feelings for Minda. He then solicited the help of a renegade American captain to abduct Minda. Minda was abducted, and a tribal war ensued. In the end, Danao kills Hadji Razul, and the film ends with Minda and Danao sailing into the sunset.

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