"Like a Crashed Plane" Full Movie

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Title : Like a Crashed Plane

Genre :

Cast : Ignacio Rogers (Nico), Manuela Martelli (Luchi), Carlos Echevarría (Fran), Santiago Pedrero (Santi)

Movie Plot : Nico is finishing his teens a future beset by an overnight became darkness. His parents died in an accident. Today, a year later, still immersed in a sadness that interferes with your progress. His older brother, knows not help. Santi, Nico's best friend, makes things even more difficult. Va neglecting their way with actions bleak that threaten him and those around him. But among all those gray clouds appears Luchi, young warm. Nico, walking beside her, try to get away from the dark, leaving little by little, as if it was the sole survivor of a tragedy. The second film of Ezequiel Acuña-like debut, "swim alone" - has its focus on one of the favorite themes of Argentine independent cinema of the early twenty-first century: the disorientation teenager.

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